Who we are!

Welcome to our website! It’s our connecting point for all things historical.

We are The Mount School York’s history department. The Mount is a Quaker girls’ school and you can find much more information about it at www.themountschoolyork.co.uk.

We are obsessed with all things historical and at The Mount we strive to fire the girls’ imaginations and to actively involve them in some of the big questions relating to the past.

We encourage independence of thought from the start, helping the girls to ask discerning questions, evaluate evidence and use it to substantiate their arguments and judgements.

For A-Level students, this culminates in a personal project undertaken on a tutorial basis. The small teaching groups enjoyed at this level enable the girls to delve more deeply into their topics complexities and issues. The girls are encouraged to think and research in imaginative ways.

Staff work to maintain their national profile as history educators, allowing the girls to benefit from their up to the minute knowledge of history teaching and learning.  These contacts are also used to enhance the girls’ history studies, for example, we work with Euroclio, the Historical Association nationally and in York, Yorkclio, the Schools’ History Project, the University of York PGCE Partnership, the Imperial War Museum, York museums, York Minster and more.  Staff are very active in organising  partnership work among History teachers in the City of York, in England and in the rest of Europe.  They present regularly at teacher education events and are published in books and journals.  We were pleased to be the first school in the country to be awarded the Historical Association’s Gold level Quality Mark for the standard of History education at The Mount.

We draw inspiration and interest from many sources – online, film, TV, the news, historical fiction, local exhibitions, theatre productions. We take trips to the Western Front, Berlin and anywhere else where the opportunity arises; visit museums in the UK and hear speakers more locally. In the process, our girls learn how to identify and challenge different interpretations of history and find out about significant ideas, events and people that have shaped our world.

Of course, history students at The Mount study a wide range of topics in their actual history lessons as they do in every school. We have chosen exam topics which aim to prepare girls for understanding the world in which they live.

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