Teaching about the Domesday Survey

These materials can also be adapted for Key Stage 3. They are designed to capture the excitement of the Domesday Survey in one lesson and use the latest research. They have been trialled in two schools and peer reviewed at the 2017 HA conference. The challenge of the Domesday Survey: How revealing of Norman skill is the Domesday Survey  The first part of the story of the Domesday Survey  Ten landholders  Eight wapentakes  What the Book reveals about the Conquest: What can Domesday reveal re Conquest  What can Domesday reveal places  Sheets on which to collate findings  PPT people and places on map

Wider World depth study AQA GCSE: 1894-1918

If you haven’t discovered the new Historiana module on WW1 it will help SO much – take a look: Historiana WW1 Module

Meanwhile, here are resources on Part One the causes of the War that you are very welcome to take and adapt for your own purposes: What was the world like in the early 20th century   Surprise war activity  Key players PPT   Key players 1914 chart  Key players 1914 chart completed   Alliance system  Alliance system map  Anglo-German rivalry and more  International Crises  First Moroccan Crisis  Second Moroccan Crisis  Chronlogy relating to underlying causes – small  Satirical maps  Mounting Tensions  Mounting tensions timeline  Sarajevo police assassination report sheet  July Days chart  Sleepwalkers interpretation slide  Essay plan on causes   Causes interpretations exercise   Question types WWDepth   Practice write an account naval arms race Q   Practice utility Q for start   Practice question Agadir crisis

and Part Two: Battle of the Marne and race to sea    Why was there stalemate not peace   Aspects of stalemate   Trench warfare images   Trench warfare spiderdiagram   Evidence gathered about trench life chart    Trench life evidence    Trench life plenary quote    Full War 1916    Battle of the Somme timeline    Gallipoli Campaign notes sheet   Timeline of major Western Front battles    What was the significance of the Battle of the SommeA changing warHow significant was the War at Sea notes sheet   Intro to wider war slides    The War at Sea    Schlieffen Plan why fail chart

and Part Three: Russia 1917   USA enters the War    Why did everything change in 1918

British depth study for AQA GCSE: Elizabethan England

Hardwick Hall pack: Teaching pack – this is the teaching pack we have adapted for our students to study the June 2018 historic environemnt topic – including on-site.

Once again, the resources we have developed available to anyone who has a use for them! Introducing Elizabeth: elizabeths-childhood    england-in-1558   queen-elizabeth-i-the-back-story  Power: how-was-political-power-wielded-in-england  summary-who-wields-power  ppt-l2-start-how-power-wielded-lesson Marriage: contenders-for-marriage  ppt-4-marriage-and-successionmarriage-notes   Rebellions: essex-rebellion-storynorthern-rebellion  ppt-5-rebellions-1  rebellions-comparison-sheet  Poverty: poor-cut-and-stick-for-timeline  poor-intro-sheet-to-create-title  poor-law-reasonsppt-12-poverty   Religion: ppt-6-religious-settlement puritans-notesheet  windows-into-mens-souls-notes  windows-on-souls-timeline-sheet   Mary Queen of Scots: mary-qofs-early-life  mary-qofs-early-life-complete  mary-qofs-trial-and-execution-notes-sheet  mqofs-1567-1586-timeline  ppt-9-mary-q-of-scots-in-england   Explorers and Armadaexplorers-drake-note-sheet  explorers-fitch-text  ppt-17-explorersppt-18-armada  Tudor Life: great-bed-of-ware

Thematic study for AQA GCSE: ‘Power and the People c1170-present

You are welcome to use any of these resources that we have developed to accompany the new course.   GENERAL:  factors-summary-sheet    maps-of-britain-across-the-time-span    gcse-history-how-you-will-be-examined    the-factors-explained   practice-questions-thematic    reflection-on-my-progress    thematic-course-content         MAGNA CARTAmagna-carta-facts     magna-carta-significance-sources      signficance-of-magna-carta-chart-to-be-a3     why-did-the-barons-challenge-king-johns-rule-prep-sheet         DE MONTFORT PARLIAMENTde-montfort-snakes-and-ladders   info-cards-for-situation-in-england-by-1258        PEASANTS’ REVOLT: how-did-the-pr-progress-1381    how-pr-progress-completed    impact-of-pr-1381    ppt-for-peasants-revolt-significance    why-peasants-revolt-completed    why-peasants-revolt-resources    why-peasants-revolt          PILGRIMAGE OF GRACE: events-of-pog   pilgrimage-of-grace-causes-cards.  pog-events-tasksheet   ppt-for-pog      CIVIL WARcivil-war-causes    new-model-a my-cut-and-stick    new-model-army-sheet-completed    ppt-civil-war-radicals    ppt-cw-significance    ppt-why-civil-war    ppt-world-upside-down    world-turned-upside-down-cartoon     USAcauses-of-the-american-war-of-independence    causes-of-us-war-notes-sheet   the-french-declaration-of-the-rights-of-man   the-us-declaration-of-independence    us-revolution-significance       19th/20thC: brixton-riots-bbc-article   causes-of-the-general-strike    development-parliamentary-representation    dock-strike-1889-notes-sheet    ideals-of-womanhood-in-victorian-britain    industrial-revolution    match-workers-strike    migration-to-britain-timeline    new-unionismpeterloo-account    ppt-blocks-to-womens-suffrage    ppt-ethnic-minority-rights    ppt-general-strike.   ppt-radical-reform    ppt-slavery-abolition    ppt-trade-unions    the-peoples-charter    tolpudedle-protests   tus-in-later-20thc     victorian-reformers-comparison-chart     victorian-social-reformers-template    why-did-different-groups-migrate    women-timeline   women-vote-1918    womens-suffrage-ingredients-to-1914    womens-suffrage-ingredients    womens-suffrage-timeline working-conditions-reformers

SHP conference 2016 workshop materials

Here is the PPT with links to useful sites for including the personal and particular in the GCSE thematic study.  Keep it personal!

HA conference 2016 workshop materials

May 2016 thematic GCSE with Template 2016  2016 activity on the germ theory  2016 Bedroom activity  2016 Empire concept activity

A big shiny GCSE timeline

Another timeline from Hugh Richards at Huntington School.  Check it out for a colour coded timeline of GCSE content.  Lovely! The Big Timeline GCSE

A new resource to help teach the July Crisis
Following the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on 28th June 1914, Europe entered a period of a few weeks when decisions were made that resulted in most of Europe being at war by the start of August. It is easy to look back and judge with hindsight, but what was it like to be making decisions during that period without a knowledge of what was to come? Recent historical work by people such as Christopher Clark and Margaret Macmillan has focused upon the importance of the so-called July Crisis of 1914 in the outbreak of a European conflict. Old models of a stoked fire of a tense Europe just needing the match of the assassination to cause a war don’t fit this idea that the leaders in July 1914 had more agency than was thought. Here is a decision making activity to help students to understand that choices were made during this period that may have defined the course of the 20th century.
July crisis decision making exercise

A revision lesson for the League of Nations period (1920s-30s)

This lesson is a useful way to introduce or revise the whole period of the League of Nations at GCSE.  It can also be used with Year 9 to bridge between their studies of WW1 and WW2.  The resources you need are provided here: LoN what made peacekeeping difficult 1919   LoN graph    LoN fill in for boxes     LoN assertions

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