Learning to read articles

We agree with Diana Laffin that reading is the key to success at A level.  We expect our students to read in preparation for the A level classes and we spend time helping them to read, to makes notes and to write.  We use generic reading and noting guides at the start of the 6th form.  However, we like to get straight into content and to learn the reading skills while we are working.  Here is an example of an article that we have used to expose the skills of the historian and which we get students to read with purpose: Pollard on St Albans and the start of the Wars History Today 2005-Helen-PC

Managing conflict in Europe in times of change 1648-1945

Here is a multi-stranded timeline with lots of detail about events, ideas and the wider context: http://www.tiki-toki.com/timeline/entry/444726/Managing-conflict-in-Europe-in-times-of-change/ .  It makes clear the changes and continuities across time in attempts to manage conflict; from treaties to single-power domination.

A powerpoint for revision of Elizabeth at A level

Hugh Richards from Huntington School in York has developed this very handy timeline to help students revise their A level Elizabethan topic: The Big Elizabeth Timeline2

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