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Here you will get a flavour of History at The Mount School

All public information about courses is on the ‘Parents’ page.  Students use the iTunesU course codes or OneNote on Office to access their classroom curricula via their iPads.

Historical Association Quality Mark – Radio York

Helen Snelson and Celia Edwards on BBC Radio York talking about the HA Gold Quality Mark and the visit to the House of Lords: Radio York

Investigating York

We live and work in such a beautiful and fascinating city and we think all our students should really engage with it. Year 7 have a lesson each week called Investigating York (affectionately known as IY to everyone around school) and we take the opportunity to get out and about in the city as much as possible. Not only do we investigate aspects of York’s past, we learn how it has shaped the way the city is today. We get involved with contemporary issues and debates in the city and find out how our city functions. As we make our investigations we get the chance to develop skills which help us achieve in school, through independent thinking, good team-work and actively learning how to perform research.

Great website for all things history York at:

Find out more about York at:

IY Roman cellar1 2014WP_20150326_016[1]

Partnership with Millthorpe School

We take every opportunity we can to work with other schools and Millthorpe is our closest neighbour. In May 2016 we joined together with Clements Hall Local History Group to learn about and commemorate the 1916 zeppelin raid on York. Using materials from the archives of both schools, we walked the route of the zeppelin and laid wooden crosses for those who died. We developed a Twitter feed to recount the raid in real time. We also put together a History Pin site to draw together the resources and leave a record of our work.

Every two years we travel together to the Western Front to learn more about the First World War.  Here are some pictures from our most recent tour:

Medieval Merriment

The history department really enjoyed being part of the Medieval Merriment Creative Arts Festival. The history project group produced this Time Travellers’ Guide to 15th century York in just two days. time-travellerss-guide-online-version

We also produced a historical bulletin before the event. It formed the core of the lovely Tramlines display. mmerriment-1 mmerriment-2  mmerriment-3  mmerriment-4  medieval-merriment-5  medieval-merriment-6  medieval-merriment-7

The 83rd Anglo-American History Conference

Mount historians presented the results of their learning about how the First World War is taught in schools across Europe, with specific reference to movements for peace, at this conference at Senate House, London.


Shortlisting for the Historical Association’s Historical Fiction competition

After several years of entering this competition, with some success, Mount historians were delighted to be asked to help with the shortlisting process for this year’s competition.  The girls read over 50 very varied stories from students in Years 7-9 from all over the country.  They took very seriously their role and worked hard to assess plot, characterisation and sense of period.  After much reading, discussion and re-reading, a shortlist was put to the HA.  We are really grateful to the HA for this opportunity for the girls to assess so many stories.


York Minster Women project

The memorial to the women of the British Empire who died in the First World War is in York Minster. There is an interesting story behind how it came about here:
The restoration of the FSW story final

The history project group of The Mount School Creative Arts Festival ‘Poppies and Pacifism’ have researched and written up the stories of women from different sections of the memorial panels. They are a diverse and inspiring collection of stories about women from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.
Creative Arts Festival History Project intro
photos for display

These stories were displayed in the York Castle Museum’s community room as part of their 1914-18 exhibition. You are very welcome to use any of these stories and we hope that you will help us to collect more. You will also find a community called “York Minster Women” on the Imperial War Museum’s digital platform Lives of the First World War. We have connected the digital archive material about the women we researched who are currently featured on that site. Again, please help us to build up the connections. You will find the community by joining at:

Here are the women we have research and written about so far:
Annette Prevost story of annette prevost original
Bertha Stevenson The storey of Bertha Stevenson
Constance Addison Constance A final
Edith Bettis Edith Bettis story
Elizabeth Impey Elizabeth Impey story
Gertrude Powicke Gertrude Powicke
Helen Court helen court
Jessie Olive Hockey Jessie Olive Hockey final
Lorna Ferris Lorna Ferris peace and pacafism showcase final
Lorna Rattray lorna rattray
Louisa Blanche Rigalle Louisa Blanche Riggall final
Louisa Woodcock Louisa Woodcock
Margaret Caswell Margaret Caswell
Margaret Lowe Nursing Sister Margaret Lowe
Marion Lapish Marion Lapish’s storey
Mary Carter mary carter
Mary Gartside-Tipping Mary Gartside-Tipping story
Nellie Clarke Nellie Clarke
Nellie Spindler Nellie Spindle1
Violet Barrett Violet Barrett

The World War One Centenary

How did World War One impact upon your family?
Some members of The Mount Community have shared their stories.
Memories of World War 1 from the Mount School community

The Mount School World War One Fortnightly Focus
Leading up to our ‘Poppies and Pacifism’ Creative Arts Festival in July 2014, there was a Fortnightly Focus on some aspect of World War One. These have now been made into research booklets for the library.
Fortnightly focus 1
Fortnightly focus 2
Fortnightly Focus 3
Fortnightly Focus 4
Fortnightly Focus 5
Fortnightly Focus 6
Fortnightly Focus 7
Fortnightly Focus 8
Fortnightly Focus 9

Grunheide-York Partnership

We have very much enjoyed are years of collaboration with Phillip-Melancthon Gymnasium near Berlin. You can follow the story of this partnership here: Facebook page

Link to Flickr Stream for Mount History photos:

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