Mount Past

Featured on this page are scanned in copies of interesting things from The Mount School archives. Most of these are now held at the Borthwick Institute, University of York and you can begin a catalogue search here:

The History Room!
Contrary to popular rumour, the History Room has been decorated once or twice in the past. Here it is in a previous life:
The History Room!

During World War 1
Extracts from the annual reports give insights into the how the War was viewed and experienced at The Mount:
Annual report 1914 a
Annual report 1915 a Annual report 1915 b Annual report 1915 c Annual report 1915 d
Annual report 1916 a Annual report 1916b
Annual report 1917 a
Annual report 1918
Meanwhile, history lessons for senior girls were adapted to help them to understand the causes of the crisis: (Interestingly this did not happen 1939-1945)
1914 war lessons incl. in history for older students
The girls wrote and illustrated yearbooks and their books for the war years sometimes mention the conflict. Here are extracts about zeppelins, daylight saving, food shortages and VADs:
Girl's artwork about zeppelin raid May 2nd Picking fun at censorship while responding to the May2nd zeppelin raid Picking fun over the zeppelin raid cont Picking fun over the zep raid pt 3 Girl's drawing in response to bombing threat Girls complaining about daylight saving Girls wrote about wartime shortages 1 Leavers had gone on to VADs - here drawn
Training for social service was taken very seriously:
Social service training

Letters and memories written by Mount girls of the WW1 period
Diltha Jackson letter about the amistice
Memories of the 14-18 war by Agnes Smithson

Elsie Impey was a doctor and Mountie who died on board a torpedoed ship in the Mediterranean

Other WW1 notes from yearbooks
Other notes from Mount yearbooks in WW1

Reading records were kept of the books girls read whilst at school
Every girl's reading was recorded
This example of a reading record from 1938-1942 shows the breadth of what the girls were reading. This included works such as Vera Brittain’s ‘Testament of Youth’.
Joan Rees reading 1 Joan Rees reading 2 Joan Rees reading 3 Joan Rees reading 4

The library catalogue for 1885 shows a well-stocked school library
Library catalogue 1885
Here are the list of books from the history section:
Lib History bks 1885 a Lib History Bks 1885 b Lib History Bks 1885 c Lib History Bks 1885 ci Lib History Bks 1885 d Lib History Boks 1885 d Lib History Bks 1885 e

And a nice film about York made in the 1920s…





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