Fountains was sunny for Y7!

We had such a super sunny spring day for the Year 7 visit to Fountains Abbey. Girls dressed as various characters from the 400+ year history of the Abbey.  For once the monks of the 12thC had to pretend to shiver as they arrived in the desolate valley of the Rivel Skell. We took up stations around the ruins to retell the tale of the burning of the Abbey by the Archbishop of York and his thugs, of how the Abbey became so wealthy, of plague and marauding Scots, of life in the Abbey and the Dissolution. Each girl took on characters and they really threw themselves into it.  Lily loved being de Percy as she could sweep about in her costume!  Ellie made a very scary Archbishop’s thug! It was at the very end that we solved our history mystery. It was that thug Henry VIII who was responsible for the ruining of a community that had lastest for 100s of years, and for ruining all the culture, learning, employment and care that it represented and provided.

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