York history connections again!

It’s been another good week for partnership working to bring students together about history in York!

Year 7 really enjoyed working with Mike Tyler from the Danelaw Centre at Murton Park. He brought to life the lives of several York people from the late 14th century. Their story has been pieced together from the church court records of a disputed marriage. With lots of panache and knowledge, Mike helped the girls to bring to life this story that had a huge impact on these people’s lives. His key message was about respect for the past and the people who lived there. It was great to see the girls laughing with Mike and investigating legal records in an accessible and engaging way.

Also this week we have shared a lovely event with York ISSP to celebrate our winning of the Centenary Battlefields Tour National Award.  Pietra and Martha were part of the team that developed the Legacy 110 project that took place in York Minster and then developed an exhibition for the Castle Museum called ‘2016: It’s more than the Somme!’ The National Railway Museum kindly hosted an event for students, parents and staff. Students were presented with books and certificates.  Everyone then took part in the NRM’s ‘Mud and Morphine’ school session to learn about the WW1 ambulance trains.


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