Half term is here – time for more history!

A happy half term to everyone in York. Wherever you are going there is plenty of history to get involved with.

If you’re in London, then there is an exhibition on the 1916 World War One Battle of Jutland at the Greenwich Maritime Museum and People Power at the Imperial War Museum. Meanwhile, the 20th Century Map exhibition at the British Library comes highly recommended. Or maybe the history of underwear at the wonderful V&A museum is your thing!

Try to get over to Hull City of Culture at some point this year. If you’re in York then there is so much going on as part of the Jorvik Viking Festival – check out the link here: Jorvik Viking Festival Programme . Time to get to one of York’s wonderful permanent museums too, especially as many people are just finishing half term so it might not be so busy. The ambulance train exhibition at the National Railay Museum comes highly recommended.

There are some good things to pick up on iPlayer from the Art of France to Lucy Worsley on British History Fibs – though College I won’t find much in the latter about the Wars of the Roses, I’m afraid.  All College will be hard at work revising, but can take a break to catch up on the Nazis a Warning From History – currently being shown again on BBC4 and on iPlayer – don’t miss it!

Wherever you are, pay attention to the remnants of the past around you. Enjoy yourselves and see you soon!


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