Viking sagas wow Year 7

Year 7 have visited the Jorvik Centre at St Mary’s and got thoroughly engrossed in Viking sagas. Learning that saga-tellers were rich and high status in Viking society, they heard tales of resourceful people who loved tricks. Saga-tellers spoke of the past, spread the news and entertained the people in the long dark nights with no internet in Jorvik. In the first tale we heard, Egil Skaragrimsson was cursed by the legendary witch-wife of King Erik Bloodaxe of Jorvik; narrowly escaping the spread-eagle. You can see from their faces they were hooked. Our host then took us through home and market, past cloth and furs, to the boats.  Here Year 7 tried some of the salty fish beloved of Viking voyagers.  They were not too impressed.  Next term Year 7 will be writing about Jorvik for an exhibition to open at the Yorkshire Museum in May 2017. Meanwhile, as it was our last IY trip of the term, we stopped off for hot chocolates, and even met some famous characters on the way home.


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