Investigating York through old photos

York Press link

York Press have been loading up old photos of everyday life in York. These are such a good way to build a sense of period and a sense of place. Here are some ideas about how you can use them:

  • Think about your favourite shop or cafe in York. See if you can work out how long it has been in existence? What used to be there? Can you find an old picture of the same premises – what has changed / stayed the same?
  • If your parents or grandparents have lived in York for awhile, why not ask them what they remember? You might find out some funny stories about how your parents spent their evenings in the days before wifi!
  • Why not have a play around with an app to merge photos, such as Photojoiner? You could take a photo of one of the places as it is today and merge it with one of the older photos.
  • Think of a theme, such as cafes for young people, and put your own gallery together with tags by using an app such as ThingLink. You could even create a trail or quiz.

Become more observant! Be aware of change! Start conversations! Learn some new IT skills! Investigate York’s recent past!

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