Black and British and in York

Year 7 are writing historical fiction about Roman York, or Eboracum. Did you know that 10% of York’s people were black back then?  Not that Romans noticed that sort of thing, according to Mary Beard. Of course we also know that the African Roman Emperor Septimius Severus made his home here for the last three years of his life. From Roman to modern times there have been many African Britains. About 2-3 million of us are likely to be direct descendents of Black Georgians. The absolutely excellent BBC series ‘Black and British: a forgotten history’ will teach even those of you who know a lot of history things you didn’t know.  Essential viewing on iPlayer right now HEREHEREHEREHEREHERE. It’s also interesting reading Marc Morris’ book on the Norman Conquest to speculate on the number of people from York who became British Africans. The Vikings were slave traders and people born in this part of the world will have chosen / or been forced to make lives in Africa. All really interesting stuff that challenges our views of who we are and where we come from. What are you reading at the moment? What are you seeing in a new way as a result of really good documentaries, exhibitions etc? Here’s a really interesting place to start finding out more about Black British History iWonder

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