How did the First World War affect me and my community?

This is the exciting theme for this year’s Historical Association Great 6th Form debate. The Mount School is once again delighted to be hosting 6th formers from across York to present to the panel of judges in our regional round. Here at The Mount the College I girls have worked together to research The Mount School community and the impact War had on its members from 1914-18 and beyond. We were really grateful to Sarah Sheils for coming into school to share her knowledge and wisdom about what it was like for girls, staff and committee in those difficult years. Our speaker has condensed and will be presenting all our findings and we look forward to hearing what other students have chosen as their focus. With judges from a very experienced Head of History, an ex-Ofsted History specialist and an expert on local World War One history, they are sure to be put through their paces. It’s great that the HA provides these opportunities for 6th formers to research and present about key historical topics. Whoever represents us in the final in London in March we will all be cheering them on.  It’s a nice chance for York history nerds – teachers and students – to get together to do some history outside the classroom. You would be most welcome to join us tomorrow at 6pm in The History Room.


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