1916: It’s more than just the Somme

Today a group of York teachers and students filled the community room at the Castle Museum in York to put up their centenary battlefields exhibition.  Entitled ‘1916: it’s more than just the Somme’, the exhbition is the product of joint working over the past year following our York ISSP centenary battlefields tour.  Lots of fun was had with backing paper, double-sided sticky tape and glue sticks, to cover the boards with our research.  Do go along and see the exhibition in the 1914-1918 galleries over the summer holidays.  As well as a map showing all the key theatres of war in 1916, you will learn more about the battle of Jutland, and see some beautiful models of all the ships.  You will also read some new research from the cocoa works archives, and from the 1916 editions of the Yorkshire Herald.  It’s fascinating to read how much of the 1916 reality was suppressed in the media.  1916 was also the year conscription was introduced and you can learn about the impact of that on some young men.  In April 1916 the zeppelin raid on South Bank took its toll.  There are some super files of information about the men on the Acomb war memorial. You can also read all about the team who put the exhbition together and some of the reflections written by students after the battlefields tour.  We hope you enjoy it and we are really rather proud of another example of great ISSP project working across the City of York.



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