The 15th century Medieval Merriment

Sometimes we are so busy with History activity the historyroom blog gets neglected – sorry about that!  Yesterday Year 7 spent an hour at Barley Hall.  They focused on how this ‘lost’ medieval building was recreated from the evidence that survived in the building and in others like it.  They learnt how sometimes we have to use our historical imagination to fill in the gaps left by the hard evidence.  The difference between an evidence-based, or at least and evidence-related, imagination and the sort of imagination that runs free in a piece of creative writing is quite a hard one to grasp.

The Medieval Merriment Creative Arts Festival is now just a fortnight away.  The History project team will be putting together a Time Traveller’s Guide to 15th century York (with apologies to Ian Mortimer!)

Here is a bumper edition of the bulletin ‘Medieval Merriment’: The 15th Century  If you are around school, do visit the lovely Tramlines display – about to get its own gothic arch! There is also a special display in the library where you can research more about this exciting period of our history.

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