Walking the zeppelin raid

It was so cold and so wet and Mount and Millthorpe Year 7 students were amazingly good-humoured as we walked the route of the L21 zeppelin raid in our local community of South Bank, York.  Joined by members of the Clements Hall Local History Group, who have been so helpful in helping us to bring alive the story of the 2 May 1916 raid, we began on Albmarle Road, where the first bomb fell harmlessly onto the Knavesmire.  Past the site of the badly damaged Nunthorpe Hall military hospital, we made our way into Millthorpe School grounds and heard the account of the owner of Nunthorpe Court (as it was then) sheltering in the cellars.  This suddenly seemed like a good idea, so we made our way down.  The cellars were warm and dry and we stood in the dark and tried to imagine what it must have been like to be huddled in candlelight listening to bombs drop above.  Across the road, we know Mount School girls were huddled in similar cellars, while staff read to them to distract them from the raid.  Venturing out into the cold again we stopped outside Number 6 Nunthorpe Avenue and remembered Emily Chapman, killed by the raid.  We laid a memorial cross and also thought about her family, badly injured and left bereft.  Then we walked into Upper Price Street, where the current owner of number 13 explained how the house had been repaired following the bomb that killed George and Sally Ann Avison.  We left crosses to remember them in his front garden.  Today a new plaque has been unveiled at Millthorpe School to remember the dead.  We finished our tour there, learning about the community effort that brought together the people of York in support of those in need.  It reminded us of this year’s efforts to help people affected by flooding.  We are hugely grateful to the Clements Hall Local History Group, and we are looking forward to their event a week on Friday.  Year 7 have been busy and the display boards are ready.  You can see more about the raid at these links: History Pin York Press article .  Follow @zeppelinWW1live as the raid is retweeted in real time.

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