Happy Historical Easter hols to all!

Whether you are staying at home, or travelling afar, the Easter hols are a great time to enjoy some history.  Just today the York Press has published this link 6 online resources for York history enthusiasts.  Great timing!

If you’re in London there are all the classic places, and more.  We like the look of this exhibition about recovering from catastrophe: RIBA.  If you enjoyed Great Expectations last week, why not go to visit Charles Dickens’ house.  The Geffrye Museum of the Home is really fascinating, as is, though more gruesome, the Old Operating Theatre.

If you’re staying in York, then why not go along to the Castle Museum to see The Mount’s very own display about women who died in World War One.  GCSE students, a visit to the Cold War bunker would be very useful for you.  Year 7, be sure to look out for anything to do with Zeppelins!  Of course, York is most well known for being a Medieval city and as our Creative Arts Festival next term is Medieval Merriement, why not take the chance to explore somewhere from the Middle Ages that is completely new for you.

Wherever you are, have a great time and see you next term!


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