Y8 debating the abolition of slavery in Hull

Today it was a sunny and mild February day and Year 8 set off to Wilberforce House to research the history of British slavery. They had seven objects to set in their historical context. It’s quite a challenge to weave an interesting story around artefacts, to bring them to life and to enable others to learn their history from your writing. We had started work in class and the museum offered a chance to really deepen our knowledge and understanding of this dark period of Britain’s past. They liked the way that the museum was so clearly set out so that it really helped them to understand the different stages of the slave trade. They liked the cosy feel of the rooms were packed with variety, from artefacts to writing and from pictures to maps. The girls researched in the galleries and then presented their histories online and for display. They enjoyed being able to research independently and immerse themselves in the whole topic. For the afternoon session we were joined by a member of the museum staff and we turned our attention to the arguments for and against slave trade abolition. The girls impressed with the depth of knowledge and thinking that they brought to the task of putting together a debate about abolition. They prepared detailed cases from a range of perspectives and presented clearly and persuasively. They then made impressive rebuttals.  We went back to 1800 and, on the strength of the evidence presented in their arguments, the debate went to an even vote in Hull’s magnificent council chamber. The abolition debate goes on!  Here are some photos of the fun we had.


And a timely piece about other sites that connect to slavery.

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