Welcome to Mount History in 2016!

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to a year of more history fun!

Coming up this term are plenty of visits out.  As well as their Investigating York visits, Y7 will be going to Act the Facts of the story of Fountains Abbey.  Meanwhile, Y8 will be researching on-site at Wilberforce House and debating abolition in Hull’s Guildhall.  We are very much looking forward to our battlefields visit with Millthorpe in March.  (Don’t forget to order your hoodie this week!)  College I have their own Historical Association lecture on ‘The Sex Life of Edward IV’ and will be benefiting directly from all the goodies staff bring back from the Agincourt 600 History Teacher Fellowship programme.

In March and April the Mount School’s exhibition on York Minster Women will be exhbited in the Community Room at York’s Castle Museum.  We are really pleased and proud that this work from our last Creative Arts Festival will be seen by lots of people visiting York over Easter.  The new Creative Art Festival next term will see the History Department fully involved and watch this space for our theme and lots of historical context coming up soon!

There are some exciting masterclasses on history related topics coming up as part of the York ISSP programme, and plans afoot for more World War One related activities.  Check out the York University public lecture series for some interesting history related topics: http://www.york.ac.uk/admin/presspr/Spr16.pdf.  For those of you who can’t wait and need more history in your January, then look out for some super things on TV, including Lucy Worsley’s ‘Empire of the Tsars’ (great context for part of the new GCSE history Y9), ‘Back in Time for Christmas’, ‘Sounds of the 70s’ and ‘Children Talking’ (useful social history for Y10/11 British topic).

Finally, ‘Residents’ First’ weekend onthe 30/31 January gives all local Yorkies free entry to the great museums in the city – enjoy!


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