Oops – our amphitheatre is missing!

Roman York – Eboracum – was an important and sizeble place.  All the experts tell us it would have had an impressive amphitheatre.  Ooops, we’ve lost it!  No one knows where it was and Year 7 have spent the last three Investigating York lessons coming up with some suggestions.  Recyling is a great thing, and these lessons were recylcled from a York ISSP masterclass series that Ruth Lingard and I did a few years ago.  First of all Year 7 developed some criteria for the location of an amphtitheatre.  To do this they learnt about purpose, about Eboracum, and about the remains left to us today.  We even went out into the grounds and paced our the likely size of the thing.  Big!!  They then used their criteria to come up with some proposals for the location of Eboracum’s missing amphitheatre.  To do this they used the Ordnance Survey’s map of Roman remains and scaled shapes.  It was easy to discount some areas as too close to the river, or too far from the bridge, or inside the secure fortress, or just not big enough.  However, there were still several locations that were possible.  The girls were persuasive in their use of the criteria as they put their cases for each position.  Sadly, we might have to knock down a few listed medieval buildings to find out if they are right – oops!     Finally, we presented the most likely locations on the map with play-doh models.  Please excuse the artistic license of the one with the lid and also the blood – play-doh is just such fun!

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