Berlin here we come!

At our meeting of the group going to Berlin this week we divided up the Berlin women.  Students are researching the lives of key women who lived/live in Berlin.  We’re going to be looking at the city, partly through their eyes.  Mount students are researching the women and our PMG student friends in Berlin are working on the site tour.  So, our first activity as a whole group in Berlin will be a student led tour of the city centre.  Starting with Crown Princess Victoria on Unter den Linden, with Rosa Luxemburg, Kathe Kollwitz, Marta Hiller, Margot Honecker, Katya Havemann contributing their views and arriving in 2015 with Angela Merkel in the Kanzleramt.  It promises to be an enlightening tour.

More exciting plans also emerged this week as Kate Brennan of Act the Facts agreed to write a scripted drama for us to use as a group on the Sunday when we visit Phillip Melancthon Gymnasium.  Lots of discussion has been flying around the ether about the character of Berlin today.  The ex-mayor Wowereit described her as ‘poor but sexy’.  Is Berlin like a female character who is tough and feisty?  We love the description of the “Berliner spirit” throughout history  as the “Berliner Göre” (a naughty, maladjusted, but also lively kid).  Exploring a city through the eyes of citizens over time and through the way people have described it.  We’re looking forward to November!

Meanwhile, happy day to our German friends celebrating 25 years of German Reunification today!

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