Lectures, films, museums… Mount historians out and about

We are starting to emerge from the first few weeks of term and are now fully in the swing of things.  Time to start getting more involved in History beyond the classroom again.  A level historians took full advantage of the BBC History Magazine Weekend here in York.  The gorgeous medieval Merchant Adventurer’s Hall made a super setting for it.  Professor Ian Kershaw set the Nazi dictatorship in its historical context, pointing out that an incredible 3/5ths of Europe’s people were living under dictatorships in the 1930s (and he was excluding the Soviet Union in that figure).  The girls got a really good insight into political authority in this period.  Then Professor Mark Ormerod expanded our minds about society in 15th century England and introduced us to the immigration in those years.  Did you know that 1% of England’s residents are estimated to have been first generation immigrants in 1440; the same % as in 1901?  No, nor did we!  It was all useful A level and UCAS stuff.  The College I girls in particular bravely threw themselves into their first experience of lectures.

Meanwhile, we are very excited about the release of Bill.  Current Year 9s were in Year 7 when we shared York Minster with the cast and crew on one dark winter evening.  OK, Bill might not stand up against more scholarly interpretations of Shakespeare’s lost years, but we are happy it’s on at Reel, just down the road from school. We’re also looking forward to ‘Suffragette’ coming out on the 12th October and the RSC Live broadcast of Henry V on the 21st October.

This week Year 7 will be at the Yorkshire Museum.  They have lots of questions about Roman life to ask curator Natalie McCaull. They’ll be using the results of their research to write some lively historical fiction in Investigating York.  Then next up is the mystery of York’s missing amphitheatre.  Can Year 7 work out where it could be?

Also exciting is the news of the new exhibition opening at the Bar Convent. One to check out later this term.  We hear very good things!

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