Brightening up the 3rd week in January with some History!

There are so many good things that you can tap into this week in order to learn more things about the past and how it impacts on the contemporary world.   Brighten up the 3rd week in January by picking up a few of these ideas!

You don’t have to leave home – there is quite a lot on TV to interest you this week.  VERY EXCITING is the BBC’s dramatisation of Wolf Hall.  Catch the first episode on BBC2 at 9PM on Wednesday!  It will never be as good as the actual novel, but it may nevertheless be very good indeed.

In the run up to Holocaust Memorial Day, with a theme this year of ‘Keep the Memory Alive’, Martin Freeman is acting in a docu-drama called ‘The Eichmann Show’ 9PM BBC2 on Tuesday.  The subject matter is the 1961 trial of Eichmann in Jerusalem.  Then on Thursday at 9.30PM on BBC2 you can hear the story of Holocaust survivor Freddie Knoller. He sometimes is one of the speakers at The Holocaust Centre (where Year 9 visit in June).

On Sunday and Monday, York City Council are hosting the city’s events to remember the Holocaust.  Tuesday 27th January will be the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau.   Via this link you can find a whole series of events:  As part of Sunday’s event, Jenny Hartland, a Friend at Acomb Meeting will present the Stolpersteine Project.  I heard her talk this morning and it is both interesting and moving.

Watch this space for a Mount School meet up at the film ‘Testament of Youth’.  Worries that this autobiography of a young women who becomes politically active as a result of her experiences of World War One would be turned into a love story appear to be unfounded.  Her daughter Shirley Williams is pleased with it (and if you don’t know who she is – you should – use Google!).  Vera Brittain published ‘Testament of Youth’ in the 1930s, and in those years Mount girls recorded all they read each term.  These reading lists are now in the archives and they show that Testament of Youth was VERY popular among the girls.

That’s just a taster, there is so much to get involved in historically and beyond.  Have you signed up for an ISSP masterclass yet?  Have you visited the newly opened York Explore library on Lendal?  Have you been to the Castle Museum’s First World War exhibition?  Time to get moving!

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