Q: What happens if you let loose Year 7 on the archaeological curator of the Yorkshire Museum?

A: Over an hour later they finally agree to stop grilling her about what it was like to live in Roman York!  Year 7 are preparing to write some historical fiction set in Roman York.  To do this they need to know their stuff.  Their characters are chosen, they have plot ideas, but they need knowledge.  So, we provided them with an excellent source in the form of Natalie McCaul, the Yorkshire Museum’s archaeological curator.  The very erudite and kind Natalie held her own for over an hour as Year 7 hands waved in the air with question after question after question.  Careful notes were taken of the answers and we hope that all this great knowledge will be used to write some really good historical fiction in the next few weeks.

IY Yorks Mus 2014 2IY Yorks Mus 2014IY 2014 Yorks Mus 3

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