A Michael Wood sort of history morning!

This morning some of the girls who worked on the Minster Women as part of our Creative Arts Festival went along to Fulford Local History Society’s Great War event to share their research.  It was the sort of thing the historian Michael Wood would have loved.  The Society are tracing all the men on their local war memorial and they presented the detail of what they have done so far.  Hearing about where they lived and knowing these places, really brings the stories to life.  The short Frances Street in Fishergate lost 10 men.  What must it have been like for that small community?  How many other men from the street were injured?  The members of the Society took a great interest in what the girls had researched about some of the women on the Minster memorial to the women of the Empire who died, and also in the story of how the memorial came to be in York Minster. We really enjoyed sharing research with them and are grateful to them for giving us their material so that we can use stories of Fulford men in our York ISSP centenary battlefields tour in March.

Fulford Loc Hist Soc 2014

One thought on “A Michael Wood sort of history morning!

  1. Thank you so much for bringing your exhibition. We really enjoyed finding out about the Mount School WW1 project and your presence added significantly to the success of the morning.
    We hope to work with you again, so please don’t hesitate to ask if you think we could help in any way.
    Fishergate, Fulford and Heslington Local History Society has a website which you may find helpful in future projects.
    very best wishes
    Chris Rainger

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