Good to be back and ‘The Great Debate’!

It’s so lovely to see people again and to meet new people in the History Room.  Year 10 have started their GCSE journey, Year 11’s geography of eastern Europe has improved, College II are thinking about personal independent enquiries and Year 9 now know who Goethe and Schiller were.  It will be great to see everyone else next week. 

Meanwhile, news in from the Historical Association is about ‘The Great Debate’.  Any student aged 16-19 who would like to enter needs to come and see me to register.  The Mount is hosting the first round and the theme this year is: ‘What does Magna Carta mean to me?’ Here is a link to tell you all about it:,2RQD4,DRJSIQ,A2XLH,1.  I shall be poking people to take part too, so don’t be shy!    

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