Year 10 historians at the 83rd Anglo-American conference of historians in London

We were all quite nervous and not sure what to expect! After visiting Friends’ House to look at some archival material relating to conscientious objectors, we arrived at Senate House behind the British Museum in plenty of time to have a practice run through. The theme of the conference was ‘The Great War at Home’ and our panel took the theme of COs and war resisters in an international context. We presented to an audience of about 40 people as part of a panel with three historians. They presented their research on COs, war resistance in Germany and the ‘Richmond 16’ before it was our turn. Our presentation on ‘Do COs in WW1 matter?’ was very well received. We aimed to help the audience understand how we approach teaching and learning the topic at school and also to share with them how it is being approached in schools in various different European countries. The girls did brilliantly and were much complimented. A really good day!

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