Creative Arts Festival -Women who died in WW1

The History Group of the Creative Arts Festival began their work in York Minster today. Dressed in costumes from the time, they heard the story of Helen Little and the Five Sisters Window. In 1923, Helen Little was concerned that there were many memorials being built to remember men who had died in the first World War, but not women. She wanted to change this. When attending Evensong one night in York Minster, she had a vision of her dead sisters which encouraged her to raise money to restore the Five Sisters Window. The Sisters would become the memorial to the sisters. The Minster were delighted, as they had been struggling to raise the money to restore the glass. In an astonishing 3 months, she raised well over the total needed from nearly 33,000 women across the British Empire. The Five Sisters Window was restored and dedicated to the memory to the Women of the British Empire who had died. The names of these over 1400 women were then inscribed on wooden oak panels close to the window. In the next few days, the History Group will be researching and retelling the story of some of these women. They will try to bring the women to life through their writing, and to bring the diverse stories of these women who died in the First World War to a 2014 audience.
Mins 1

Mins 3P1060594

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