Summer holiday plans

Summer holidays are the time for rest and recharge, and getting a chance to think about and enjoy history without the pressures of prep, exams, deadlines etc. Perhaps you will get around to reading some new historical fiction (have you tried ‘War Girls’ – a collection of First World War stories through the eyes of young women?). Maybe you prefer non-fiction (I’ve got books on the Vikings and the Wars of the Roses lined up for summer reads). The best thing about summer is getting out and about. If you are in York, have you checked out the new museums in Monk and Micklegate Bars about Henry VII and Richard III? For those of you who like cultural history, here’s an interesting event in Dringhouses: If you’re travelling this summer, keep a look out for historical places. There’s so much you can learn to deepen and broaden your understanding of the present by delving into the past. Whatever history you engage with, enjoy it, think about it, and come back refreshed and buzzing with new ides and enthusiasm in September.

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