History Quality Mark pilot – please send us your comments!

The Mount School is taking part in the Historical Association’s pilot of their new Quality Mark. As a result, we will be visited by 2 assessors next week. They will be looking at what we do in History at The Mount and trialling their own assessment criteria. It is proving a useful process for us to review all of what we do. If you have any comments or thoughts about history at The Mount that you would like to pass on to the assessors, please let us know via E-mail at hsnelson@mountschoolyork.co.uk. Anything you want to say would be incredibly useful to us.
It’s a very busy time of year for all girls and there is plenty of great history work going on. If you find yourself in Tramlines soon, you will see that it has taken on a First World War theme ready for the Creative Arts Festival (CAF). When the rest of Year 7 get back from France they will be preparing for the CAF by learning about some of the traces of the First World War in York. Meanwhile, some of the Year 7s and 8s have been exploring how First World War propaganda worked. Also, Year 10s are preparing for their conference presentation in London on conscientious objection and the peace movements 1914-18. Even Year 11, despite their GCSEs, are still working on the film about memorialisation for Historiana – impressive commitment! Of course there are also other anniversaries coming up and next week we will be welcoming D-Day veterans into school, just as they return from the 70th anniversary commemorations in France. Year 9 are not to be left out, they return from exam week and outdoor ed. to meet a survivor of the Holocaust at Beth Shalom. College I will be returning to learn about the genocide in Rwanda on what is the 20th anniversary. We have nicely developing plans for scripted drama and costumes for the start of our CAF project on women in the First World War. Using the new Imperial War Museum platform ‘Lives of the First World War’, we have begun a new community called ‘York Minster Women’. You can see it develop at: https://livesofthefirstworldwar.org/

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