Conference pressure mounts at The Mount!

Sometimes it can seem as though this time of year is full of revision and exams, with no fun at all. Sadly, for Year 11 to College II that is pretty much true at the moment, but younger students are still getting stuck into all things historical. Year 10 WW1 group are finishing the voiceovers for their Euroclio film about memorialisation of World War 1 and are now preparing their panel session for the 83rd Anglo-American conference at the Institute of Historical Research in London on July. This is VERY EXCITING and quite scary! They have lots of ideas about how conscious objectors in World War 1 matter, they are now getting their thoughts into some sort of order. So far they have used source material as evidence to place COs in their historical context and also learnt something about conscientious objection today. They are exploring the different ways in which WW1 COs can be regarded as significant. You can see the link to our panel here at:
Meanwhile, Year 7 are piloting some resources for York Mansion House to help them with their Heritage Lottery fund bid. They are studying local government in York from medieval times until today. They took on the roles of real York medieval characters on location in the Guildhall, will be debating as Victorian local government in the Mansion House and touring the new West Offices to find out about how the Council works today. And in preparation for the Creative Arts Festival ‘Poppies and Pacifism’, Year 7 will be at The Minster trialling memory boxes and Year 9 are researching how interconnected the world was 100 years ago and role-playing the descent into war during the ’37 days’. They have their Beth Shalom trip coming up soon too, letters will be out shortly.

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