Fritz Haber: how can a single life story help us to answer big questions?

Year 9 worked with the life of Fritz Haber this week. (Hopefully they impressed the Chemistry department by rolling up to ask them about the Haber-Bosch process.) In History lessons we studied his life to see what it could reveal to us about our research questions:
What sacrifices did Haber make to become successful?
What practical problems did Haber seek to solve in his work?
What was it like to live in Germany 100 years ago?
How has Haber’s reputation changed over time?
Researching the answers to these questions in Haber’s complex life has complemented our work on European thinking and Weimar, on World War One and on the Holocaust. We discovered that his life is very revealing. It enabled us to put together some ideas about some really big questions:
What were some of the scientific concerns of the early 20th century?
What was European society and culture like in the early 20th century?
What does it mean to be a great scientist?
Why was the 20th century not ‘the German century’?
There is more information about this lesson on the Celebrating Success page.
Well done Year 9 – really good thinking!

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