Historians love… World Book Day!

Historians love books, so of course we love World Book Day! Here at The Mount we have a wonderful library and Pat our librarian is always tempting us with good reads. On the ‘Historical Stuff’ page of this blog you will find E-copies of the ‘History Reading for Fun!’ lists. Why not browse and choose a new book to read today?
Just thinking of current topics in class… Year 7 have been using extracts from Ian Mortimer’s ‘The Time Travellers’ Guide to Medieval England’. Would you have wanted to have lived in a medieval city? Year 8 have used part of the autobiography of Olaudah Equiano and Adam Hochschild’s ‘Bury the Chains’ in order to help them understand the campaign for the abolition of slavery. Year 9 have such a wealth of books available to them about experiences of the Holocaust. Year 10 have heard part of Andrea Levy’s ‘Small Island’ as they start their study of immigration to Britain in modern times. Meanwhile, AS students are busy reading and comparing historians views on the Constitutional Monarchy and the Terror as part of their HA online course with Dave Martin. Let’s not forget Year 11 and A2 students, deep into their coursework writing and, of course, armed with books to help them. Where would we be in history lessons without books?
We are very keen on historical scholarship in the classroom and are always pleased to find other people who are. Marie Whiles, PGCE student at York University, has written a blog about her experiences. You can read it here: http://yorkpgce.blogspot.co.uk/ Marie is convinced that our students can gain so much from working with works of historical scholarship at KS3. She challenges us all as teachers to be knowledgeable enough ourselves to make it happen.
Meanwhile, back to school, the fun continues with Lucy Adlington talking to girls on World Book Day about her writing on the First World War. For the school charities we are all dressing up. Yes, the staff are all from Hogwarts! So, signing off now as Helenia Historiania Snelson, Professor of the History of Muggles!!

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