Year 9 have been presenting their views about what were the most significant events contributing to the outcome of World War Two

They started with an overview of the whole conflict – with a little help from the Horrible Histories team. Then they worked on putting together a list of criteria in order to decide the significance of an event. They have made so much progress with this since Year 7 when they used criteria given by teachers. Coming up with the list really was a team effort, we all had a really good hard think about what we were looking for in relation to the significance of an event to an outcome. Impressive stuff! Working in pairs, they have then spent time researching a specific event. Their presentations have shown outstanding commitment to completing the task. They have produced thoughtful work, which explained the place and narrative to the others, and then applied the criteria they had agreed, in order to explain how significant they felt that their event was to the outcome of World War Two.
We are going to feature the presentations on the Celebrating Success pages. There you will already find the first example by Jessica and Sabrina. Both of them are working in one of their additional languages – even more impressive! They have also set the dropping of the atomic bombs in a wider context. More presentations to follow. Well done, Year 9! We are very proud of you!

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