Film-making: WW1 memorials – can you help?

The WW1 group are preparing to make a short film when they are on their Western Front battlefields tour at the end of March. They have had a first hour together looking at, and thinking about, a selection of memorials from different countries and they need some help. They have come up with different hypotheses and questions about the WW1 memorials – can you help them? Are they right in their hypotheses? Do you know the answers to their questions? What sort of film about how memorials and WW1 would be interesting to you and your students? Are there any great memorials that you know about that they could focus upon? Any help you could give them would be amazing and thank you in advance for your time! Their questions are on this word file. There is a mail address to respond to if that would be easier:
Questions and hypotheses about WW1 memorials

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