Historical things to do over the holidays!


Here are just a few ideas of historical things to do over the Easter holidays.  If you know of  a great museum, or exhibition, or book, or anything else historical to do, why not add it via commenting?  It would be great to hear back from people who had a good historical holiday!  Lots of thinking fun! 

If you’re going to London you could try…

  • Life and Death in Pompeii at the British Museum
  • Codebreaker: Alan Turing’s life and legacy at the Science Museum
  • Modern British Childhood 1948-2012 at the V&A Museum of Childhood
  • George Catlin American Indian Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery
  • The Geffrye Museum of the Home
  • The Cabinet War Rooms and Churchill Museum
  • The Old Operating Theatre Museum

If you’re staying in and around York, have you ever…

  • Been to the Ryedale Folk Museum?
  • Seen ‘The Orb’ in York Minster?
  • Climbed Clifford’s Tower?
  • Walked the City Walls?
  • Been to Fairfax House?
  • Followed the Snickleways?
  • Been to the Richard III Museum?
  • Been to the Whitby Museum?
  • Visited Middleham Castle? 

Did you know that downloadable history trails of York are available at: http://www.historyofyork.org.uk/trails?

If you are going further afield, have you done some research about what you could see while you are away which would help your history studies?  You can always ask one of us for ideas!  Don’t forget, there are loads of apps now available for sites.  Let us know if you come across any really good ones.

If the weather is awful and you spend lots of time indoors, don’t forget the ‘History Reading for Fun!’ guides available on this blog.  Let us know about any really good reading you do – how about a short review for others to enjoy?

What plans do you have for the summer? Let us know and we can be thinking of great historical connections!

More here as we hear about things. Have a great holiday!

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